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PNGs Vs JPEGs  – This is a very important question that should be addressed more often when it comes to uploading images to a website. It is an important question because using the right format could be the key to improving the overall speed of your website.

In this post, I am going to break down exactly what these two image formats are and how best to use them on your website.


PNG stands for Portable Networks Graphics and are high quality images with much better compression than JPGs. This better/fewer compression means that while PNGs have better quality than JPGs they generally come at a bigger size. It’s not uncommon for PNG version of an image to be 3 to 4 times as large as its JPEG version and this will result in them taking just a little longer to load on a web page.

PNGs are best used for line drawings text or icons. I also recommend using a PNG version of your logo if it’s an image because unlike JPEGs, PNGs support transparent backgrounds which means you can easily drop the image to any background color.

[alert-note]PNGs have 3 different formats. The 8-bit format does not support transparency but the 24-bit and 32-bit formats do.[/alert-note]



These letters stand for Joint Photographic (Experts) Group. JPGs are images that have been compressed and as a result are lower in quality than their PNG versions but are smaller in size which means they load faster. Their relatively quick load time and the fact that they support over 16  million different colors makes them ideal for use on most images on your WordPress website.

In conclusion, use PNGs only for your logo and JPEGs for the rest of the images on your site. Your page load times will improve as a result.

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